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You want your community to rally behind computer science education

Computer science affects every student, every teacher and every person living in the community. Demonstrate the vital role computer science plays in preparing students for the 21st century workforce. Technology solves problems and improves solutions. With computer science, everyone in the community benefits.

Want to take action, but aren’t sure where to begin? ¬†You can start today by talking about the need for computer science education in your schools with other members of your community, and by writing a letter to your local school board or newspaper about the importance of computer science education.

Know Your Information
  • Five of the fastest growing occupations are computing occupations
  • By 2016, there will be 1.5 million computing-related jobs available
  • Computing-related jobs are among the highest entry-level salaries of any bachelor’s degree
  • 1 in every 2 STEM jobs will be in computing in 2020
  • By 2018, there will be 3x as many job openings requiring computer science knowledge than qualified applicants